Life. I am making you worth it.

How many of us wake up everyday with no passion? Working on instincts and prone to mood swings. Wasting the only life we have. The only moment we have been Left with. Sure must have stuff to do. The stuff you dream to Acheive one day. But have you ever asked yourself that how can you hope to Acheive your dreams if you are putting nothing to advance your silly desires. Without any action or plan to put your work to good use, you are wasting your time. Just spilling your blood over meaningless games, tv shows, Having nothing to accomplish. You may want to be someone better than you are. How can you make that happen? ONLY ACTION CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Some of you may dream to earn money. But NONE of the rich have ever said that they wanted money. They worked because they LOVED it. That’s where there passion lies and that thing made made them filthy rich.

Paul and I, we never thought that we would make much money out of the thing. We just loved writing software.

Bill Gates

So before you think of finding ways to earn money, think about the thing you love the most. Something you want to become no matter what. ( No. Not “millionaire” Jerk) and that’s how it will all start. And Money is important but it isn’t everything. Too much money blinds us. Too less? Kills us. We must be willing to persue our dreams and passion rather than money (And have no Birds in hand at all). So from today, I am going to take cold showers. Well, I don’t have cold water in summers, but I will compensate by running hard. This concept has been taken from Joel Runyon. We must be willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to really live our lives. We have no other purpose or destiny to fulfill rather than fulfilling our dreams and ambitions. Push yourself harder and harder until there is nothing of you left. Couch potatoes like me, don’t actually live, we are just consumers of various companies. Loyal people, degrading ourselves and our purposes. Remember that you must live before you die. And I am going to make that happen. After this article I am going to write my impossible list.

A way to success

Sat there a man so desperate,

depressed, stressed,insane,defeated,

Pondered and pondered he ,over his fate,

Darkness in his mind had prevailed,

Was trapped in a cycle of procrastination- no escape gate,

A thought came by – through his mind it sailed,

One, two, three eat what’s on your plate,

Conquer the fear Let it be nailed, 

Dont let it stop you and enslave you-it will proliferate,

Procrastination is a thief of time-Let your mind be bailed,

It only leads up to a guilty mind and vicious state, 

Stop instantly when you in the sea see mermaid, 

You’ll be enticed and killed- Remember, Its just a bait,

Never ever shall you forget why were you made?

Acheive your ambitions before it is too late, 

Invest in your future-Present just will fade, 

Never ever shall you limit your life’s freight,

Just do it. Right now. Enough you’ve been upon played,

Stop victim mentality, Go take what you did create.


Okay. So that’s kinda my first serious poem. Apllause, applause Apllause ( Lyrics from Lady Gagas song). Well. I want to go to K.E. Or AIMC now. K.E. Is a new entry. But I know that I can make it. I just don’t know how to study study and study. I have been through that stage but not anymore. I have kinda stopped using Facebook. But still, I do get distracted. I think from now onwards I will keep on studying whatever the circumstances are. I do will take breaks though, which I now think that they are necessary only if you don’t end up in a procrastination loop. I think I should just stop thinking and start studying. Yes. It’s easy though, all you have to do is sit in an air conditioned room. Study and dream. Awesome couple though that is they reinvigorate each other. It’s 2 already and I think I should become more of a morning person as after midnight Procrastination ( From sleeping ) becomes strong. And during day one can study more I guess. Whatever. At least I started studying. Yes, yes I found that intrinsic motivation that is driving me to study. That is MEDICAL COLLEGE. Man, is it my dream? Well not exactly but YES. I have already begun and it will end up even greater . I promise. LOL.



What is Evolution? Simple Explanation.

What do you think when you hear this world evolution? Darwin? Creationism? Science? Ecology? Paleontology? Comparative anatomy?. Simply, it can be defined as;

Evolution is a process in which a population gradually alters its physiology and different aspects as to adapt to its ecosystem over the course of time.


Its something gradual, continuous and painstakingly slow. This idea was first proposed by Greeks such as Aristotle that the living beings change with time. But the modern evolution theory begins with Lamarck (Who gave the hypothesis of inheritance of Acquired characteristics) who said that the living organism acquire certain traits during their lifetime which then is genetically transferred to its offspring. Like if a Blacksmith hammers iron everyday he will have strong arm muscles and this trait would be inherited by its offspring. Although it is completely wrong. But this gave way to something greater. And that is Darwin.


I wont bother you with facts about his life at general. So lets get down to brass tacks. He while visiting South America on a ship called “Beagle” observed different life forms there. He collected different flora and Fauna there. Studied a bit. And soon he discovered islands called Galapagos Islands where he found similar animals albeit with some different features. He discovered that as once these islands were in close proximity of South America similar organisms were distributed here. But as it went away and away the islands became kind of secluded and isolated. That’s when they began to EVOLVE . And over a long stretch of time they were different from their counterparts in South Africa which had been evolving quite differently according to their respective environment. That was a BREAKOUT, a scientific triumph. What later happened and the books he wrote are out of scope of this article. So lets talk about what the Evolution means after all.


Evolution is based on the concept of Natural Selection. Lets explain it with a simple example. We have a adorable mouse couple one .They are black and white. They have 3 babies. One is black , other is brown (Mutation occurred here) and the third is white . The white is more susceptible to predation and will be killed earlier. Followed by Black. And brown will be last due to its better camouflage. Similarly if we have a large group of mice with these colors. White population will diminish faster. Followed by Black. As resources are limited these organism will also compete. Over time this brown mouse will become more common. That’s how it works. Different traits will be introduced and those individuals with desirable characters will dominate. I mentioned Natural selection and Mutation here. These along with genetic drift and gene flow are the primary sources of evolution. Genetic drift can be explained as effects of environmental factors on a population that  occur randomly. Lets progress with the previous example. The mouse pair had a mutant baby which was brown. If things had went well,it would have survived and reproduced brown would probably had become more popular. But what if a cat finds that mouse and gobbles it up ( Eh heh like Tom and Jerry). That’d be called genetic drift. Something random that has effect on a population. To explain gene flow. Lets say that the black mouse from a certain population meets another population of mice where black trait is absent. It reproduces with a mouse from that group and this way introduces a new dominant trait to that group of mice. Its gene flow or rather flow of genes.

 Note: These traits are represented by alleles of chromosomes. So mutation means                               mutation is some gene.

I would now recommend you to read this page and resume this article, its almost over.

Don’t worry its precise. And then after Gradual evolution these eukaryotes became multicellular entities over billion years. Tracing over lineage first came fishes, then amphibians, then reptiles and finally mammals. And us. I would like to end this article with this following video.

Disconnect from the “Unnecessary Distractions”

Sometimes in life. We are enticed by different things. And we unconsciously make them a part of us. It can be anything a person, a hobby, an occupation, a job, a website, a social media platform and so on. In that predicament, we kind of become dependent on this stuff and it becomes a part of us. A part of our personality. Something that defines us. Slowly and Gradually, we start getting bored from either the consistency of lifestyle or by over-expectation. This boredom depends upon that entity that has lost its value to you now but it was enticing initially ( It impelled you to add that thing in your life).Usually it happens when you encounter something or someone and associate high expectations for it, whether it be a source of happiness or rather just companionship, for man is thirsty for compassion and friendship. For example, you meet a particular person. You direly want him/her as your friend.You are in love with his/her humor, personality,way of conversation or whatever it be. But as time flies, you start to feel, that this particular person rather than empowering you has starting to leech your life out.You used to seek him for he seemed a fun guy but now you are tired of him.The same face. Or it may be like, you find something about that person that you disdain. But you’ve already been depending on him. You think, that colleague has become an integral part of you, even though what he gives you, is boredom,Less contentment with your own life, Hostile comments. Depressing opinions, He stops you from growing. He is not what you asked for.Remember ,as i said earlier ,it can be anything, not necessarily a person. You can become addicted to a particular forum. Or a habit that makes you so dependent that you cant function without it.You start feeling insecure.Guilty habits they may be. Your lifestyle maybe. It may even lead to great stress and anxiety, hopelessness. You continue to depend on that thing as a source of your happiness. But it doesn’t turn out well, right? Its just like squeezing shampoo out of a container even after its finished. Addiction is horrendous thing. Annihilating symptoms.You keep sticking to that in a hope that the outcome will be as great as it was for the first time.

Do good because you are that good. Its in your nature. Don’t expect virtuosity to be treated with virtuosity. Do good, with least hope of getting something back in return.

I WANT A CHANGE. WE ALL DO. We all become, “Sick of the same old love.”

Everyone goes through that. No matter what form of distraction they encounter. I call it distraction due to the sole reason that it not only pull your leg down and also put obstacles in your way to success. Put you in an agonizing pain. Something that puts you in cycle of depression and misery.  Yeah, the same state that causes drug addiction, alcohol addiction and similar addictions. Filled with Regret, stress, addiction, pleasure, more regret and cycle goes on and on.

We cant limit everything, but we can limit our interactions and pull out the weed which destroys the beauty of our garden. Try this tip. Its quite helpful. Early stages will be common tolerance effects. If its a person, you will feel the urge to talk to him, ask him for help. It varies. I will close this article with one quote.

This is YOUR LIFE. Not mine. Not your parents. Not your gal’s. YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN and sole in-charge of the ship. Instead of handing over the control to instincts. TAKE THE BULL BY ITS HORNS. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Good luck homies.



All that furor and stress was related to these exams. And now they’ve passed. Life is stress-free now. How did they go? I’ll just say, let’s see. Not as great as my hopes were but still better than my worst nightmare. Biology and chemistry went “kinda” good. Physics sucked. Islamiat went dopes shit. English, well, ahem. Apart from minor blunders cool. Urdu not as great as I had prepared but still not very bad. Let’s hope for the best. Peace.

So here I begin

I am going to start. Studying. From now. I am going to grasp my goals and aspirations. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

1.Use your will power to create a habit and then you wont have to use your will power often.

2. Focus on the bigger picture here. Just like an artist. Although he does fine details he always have a bigger picture in his view.

3. Take occasional Breaks. Make it 50 minutes to 10 minutes ratio. Make those 10 minutes worth it.

4. Have a systematized lifestyle. You must know what you are supposed to do. Dont lose track of time.

5. You can do it. Just remember that YOU ARE THE BEST. If other people take one year, you take one month. If others take one month, you take 10 days. Believe in your skills,Ambitions, Goals and the ultimate destination.


And yeah i will edit and expand this post a lot. SO HERE MY LIFE STARTS.

Day 2

So day 2 was all for being accustomed to the idea. I wasted much more time today. But now, i am awake. I know what to do. How to play my cards right. Just took an improvised test. And now i am ready to give it my all. Took time to realize this though. I took a bath. Wait I am gonna offer prayers. I wont say that I am a true Muslim by religion but by culture I am and both are so intermingled together that you don’t know when you cross the limits because Islam is just a vast grey area between what a culture must be and what a religion is. Anyways, I am doing it for a soliloquy with myself. Silent. Like meditation. But more active form. And its a change. YES FINALLY. I am ready to study and give it my all. Meet ya tomorrow.

Day 1; Change begins

You are probably wondering what has this weird title about? Day 1. Like first day surviving a Zombie apocalypse. Yeah right. And what has this to do with previous awkward post? Well. Lets be honest here. I am going to track my entire day from today until my exams. 26 MAYYYYYYY. LESS THAN A MONTH LEFTTTTT. I AM WASTING SO MUCH TIME. WASTING SO MUCH TIME….. Woaah. I am calm tho. I am going to be sane and think about my present in a more wise way. I am going to change my lifestyle a little. First thing is that I must realize how crucial my time is right now. If I only study, this month. I can go to AIMC. And i always say, like a month ago, i said if i cant study only these two months i can make up for everything.  But I always forget or simple leave my goals. Thats the reason I am going to blog everyday. To remain in touch with my goals and ambitions.



I must write my entire goals here.

  1. Become a Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon or Psychiatrist. A big range here. But both interest me in different ways. And For that I must go to a Medical College. And I must study for that. It isn’t a hard thing to do while in fact it interests me. But its like i always waste time. I even locked up my iPad and Phone. ( Using sisters laptop right now :3) . THIS TIME IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. I am going to study.  I always say that. But now i am going to act upon it. EVERYONE is studying except for me. I am taking control of my life. I need a change. And I am gonna change my breakfast tomorrow. Don’t ASK WHY. I MUST ACT LIKE MY GOAL. Like i mean it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. As if i have already accomplished it.
  2. I also want to become a CSP Officer. PSP or DMG group is preferable.Foreign is also good but i hate the idea of living in Islamabad. I hate that boring city of odd people.  I crave power and sophistication. I will earn respect in society. CSS is pretty difficult but I hope I can make it. I will opt it after MBBS . Forget the above-mentioned goal if I become one but hey… it ain’t that bad.
  3. Be a cool guy. Everyone dreams that but seldom people actually are cool. Its more about how you handle yourself. How you, take your personality with you. Carry your mind. Wear cool clothes. Act expensive not cheap. These are a few things.
  4. Go on a hiking, somewhere. Like California in US. Go to Safari. Look at living things. Animals. I have a knack for biology, especially Zoology. I would like to go to Australia, merely for its rich biodiversity. Go For tourism. Different places. Check out their culture and most importantly CUISINE.
  5. Live in some western country. I am in love with their culture especially American culture. SO i would like to go there and work. If DONALD TRUMP is not a president by then. I want to see how does it feels to sit on a bench outside Starbucks.  Sitting with strangers seated besides you. Thats weird. But yeah. I want some friends there, who’d be better than most ppl here because they dont understand me. My persona is weird here.
  6. Talk about theism. People here are so orthodox. So close minded. SO limited. Islamists. Fundamentalists. Everyone is a mufti. Especially that Hamza Ali Abbasi drag queen.They are all islam here. I am a muslim. But a young outsider muslim. A humanist muslim. An agnostic muslim because i Believe islam is more than a religion, its a culture. A tradition. A way of living.
  7. Participate in debates. Give lectures. I dont know but i crave for it now. I want to teach people, something i like. I like philosophy, and psychology. Theism. God. Religions. History. Biology. Motivation science. I crave for them now
  8. Write books and articles. On more or less above mentioned aspects.
  9. Read books. I am not so into literature and yet call myself a book worm. Ive read many a books. But few of them were actually what youd call essentials. I have Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Poe, Charles Dickens and J.K Rowling on my list.
  10. Programming was also my passion, so i would like to learn it again sometime and code some Android or IOS apps. If it werent for being a doctor, id be a software engineer.
  11. Pets. I have a long history with them. If I ever get a chance to own some pets. It would be a extreme punched Persian Cat and a German Shephard Dog. I would train my dog. Potty train cat. And its damn easy and I have spent so much time searching cats and dogs. Yeah cat and dog.  Especially, how to bath them. Feed them. Train them. Same goes for parrots.
  12. Contrasting to all i said above. I also like hunting. yeah. Precisely. So i would like to go to some decent hunting ground and get myself some deer, antelope or something like that.
  13. Arms. I love arms. I would have my own decent collection of AK-47. Remingtons. Dianas. But id prefer hunting ones.
  14. COOKING. So let me get to it straight. If i dont get a wife or girl friend in my near future. I am going to love it. Because COOKING IS PROBABLY MY BEST HOBBY. I wont mind being a cook.
  15. Owning a decent car and a nice watch is every guys dream. SO why not?
  16. Having a wife. Given my ugly face and Pakistani culture. I am probably at advantage due to arranged marriages. Extrovertk is preferable. If some family member is reading it, please dont talk to me about this. EVER.
  17. Painting. And sketching. Never got a chance to learn it properly, but ill learn it. I am bad at drawings but want to learn it badly.
  18. Flying and owning a heli. Most absurd thing youre gonna hear from anyone. But I am definitely not anyone. Inspired by, fifty shades of grey. Yeah kill me. I want to do it anyway.
  19. Fine dining. I like go to sumptuous dinners and experience fine dining. Not wine. And pork. Islamic prohibition. Although I am not islamic. But whatever. I want to go to New York and check out every restaurant.
  20. Video Gaming. Xbox One. PS4. You name it. I have spent so many years of my life longing for them. I got a PSP. Lost it. End of game. But i love gaming. Not very much but some games are like muaaah. PC gaming is more preferable.
  21. Photography. Not my utmost hobby. But yeah, i love it too. Although I do not own a decent Camera. It means I dont have a DSLR. Shame on me :3.
  22. Last but definitely not LEAST. Probably most important thing. I want to go to medical college and live my life out. Many of my above mentioned things, will find their place here and moreover hostel life. A car. Friends. Is a life to crave for. my mother said that it was best period of my life. I want to taste that glory too. ALLAMA IQBAL MEDICAL COLLEGE HERE I COME. ( Probably i will never make it there, so dont embarass me. I will be fine with anyother college too ;p)

There are probably many more. But I cant remember them. But i must remember that to achieve them i must study. And become a doctor. For if I don’t become one. I will achieve nothing. I will be like my Uncles, taking care of lands and buffaloes. Ploughing land , Farming and making both ends meet. And hardly fulfill my dreams. SO here I go.

Although perhaps, I will have a different feel and vibe later on but;


My Life’s Purpose

Sitting idle at breakfast table. Exams buzzing over my head. Head filled with ” Make USAIRAM ( XD) great again“. . Such furor over nerdness? But that’s how things are in my circle. TBH its more than just that. The motivation. I dont know if its fine to say it motivation, well hard work was at epitome in the beginning of the college session. But now, i am just lying around wasted. Exhausted. No Motivation. Its easier to blame others and put it all on someone else’s head. So I did that. Mood swings. Vibes was so INTO me that i was like, I can’t make up my study vibe. I cant study. I dont want to. Things never heal themselves. The conditions never adjust themselves for you. I watched hundreds ( yes literally) of motivational videos to get something which was already residing in me. I thought i could evoke that motivation. But that all exists for a moment though. For which I am like i could study hard and get back my standard. My standard was me looking in eyes of my friends. I cant stand hanging around him like a lowly guy. Layman. Not being good enough.

Now I know. Its always you who control your destiny. Your motivation. I know I cant compete with him or anybody else. But atleast I can try to give my best. I must learn to say NO. iPad. Facebook. Phone. All are very tempting. Sleeping. Procrastination. But now i must take the bull by the horns. I am not evoking motivation. I want to be a part of something bigger. My life is much greater than what it is now.I have dreams and Ambitions that i cant let die with me. Due to this temporary slackness on my part. Those things which make up my perosnality and truly myself. I cant just leave them. I MUST MAKE A MARK ON THIS WORLD. I want to be someone who affects someones elses life. Affect people. Make history. Be something greater. I am much better than other people out there. No superiority  complex here. But I cant think out of the box. Know much. I am creative. I am a geek. I am a geek. I am so much more than just a student. But i need to express all my talent in so called studies. 

1- I want to be a Doctor. Heal lives. But more than that, i like problem solving and have a extraordinary in Biology. Medicine. Interacting with people.

2- Public speaker. whether it be debating or seminar lectures.

3- Blogging. Well right now i am an immature teenage typing crap. But future is bright. i CAN TELL THAT.

Other than that, i want to read alot of books and write some of them. Many interests yet to ignite.

I have one month left, I am amidst of my preboards. I can still make it to the top. I always say that but for this time its real. Its greater. I am not makings this man loose everything. I am gonna take this man somewhere higher. Change in mood. Conditions. Emotions. Feelings. They are ever changing. DRASTIC CHANGES. Need to be made. I f   s o m e t h i n g  B o t h e r s   Y o u   B L O C K   I T. You control your life. You must show your potential. BE SERIOUS. THE TIME HAS COME. PLEASE USAIRAM. YOU CAN DO IT.  Don’t be an animal. Working on impulses. Instincts. I AM CHANGING MYSELF. No more surrendering to moods. Kill every distraction. You are gonna see me somewhere else soon. I am not dying. I am reviving. I will speaker louder and BOLDER. and be like a Boulder.

Does everything has to have a maker?

This question is really off the topic but demands to be discussed. We humans from our limited perception,knowledge,vision and restricted imagination of the world think that everything in this world is a result of something. Everything that occurs giving us a pageant of dramas in front of our eyes are cause of something. When a candle is lit it is lit through a lighter or a match and we are the ones carrying out this process. But have you ever thought otherwise? The other way, contrasting to our abilities and restrained knowledge? Does everything needs to happen like we are used perceive?

As a Muslim, I am well aware of my path and the conception of this world and my path on which i have to venture out has already been chalked out for me by me religion. I don’t have to think about creation, universe and life. I have been told that I should seek enlightenment and guidance from Quran,the source of knowledge,ethics and light glistening upon our paths of life. But  so far the creation is concerned, according to my religion ,in which I firmly believe ,by the way,everything in this universe was created by God and if the theory of big bang is correct , Allah or “Yahweh” caused it all. But the a mind boggling question arises , if that’s how this universe was created, who created God? My religion answers this question as well. Its says that God has no son or father or relative;is unique and peerless; Hence was not created. SO, yes there comes a point when we have to crop this creation thingy out of our mind that everything has to be created. Some things or actions are not created or caused by someone , they are like eternal from the indefinite beginning. “Beginning” itself has troubled concept, from our insight a discussed before, it is not obligatory for something to have a beginning and a start.

This fallacy was first discovered in Aquinas 5 proofs of Gods existence. If God isn’t made by anything and is from the beginning, why can’t universe exist from the beginning.

So talking about the origin. Not everything needs to have a start. Our confined thoughts are hardwired to think that there has to be origin of something. But its not true. Our thought stop at a certain limit beyond which we cease to think. Their lies a world beyond our imagination. Now only “science” can lead the “philosophy”.