My MDCAT Journey


This is a summary of a Thomas.J. Frank video by a YouTuber and it goes like;

  • 1- study for chunks of 25 to 30 min after that take a break.

  • 2- reward yourself after finishing your entire day.

  • 3- Study concepts firstly then study facts.

  • 4- Once you learn the concepts test yourself and learn actively

  • 5- Highlight the important terms

  • 6- Our brain is good at recognizing but it’s not good at recollecting so you can practice this by testing yourself and learn actively

  • 7- Flush out your notes to solidify the concepts in your mind if you feeling fuzzy with something you can ask your friend who takes a good notes or ask your professor in office hours

  • 8- Summarize what you have learned by teaching it :

  • (8-a)- It’s useful for recalling the information

  • (8-b)- To ensure that you understand the subject completely

  • 9- To be good at memorizing is to use mnemonics :

  • 1- Acronyms : VIBGYOR (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet)

  • 2- Coined sayings : as you singing a poem about something you need to memorize

  • 3- Image association : to create a story in your head with what you have studied


My day will be systematized as the following;


I should sleep at 12 am sharp and wake up at 7 am sharp. This way my much needed 7 hours sleep and hence REM sleep for memory consolidation will be achieved. Moreover I’ll be having one power nap right after my academy to further facilitate memory.


Here consistency is the key and spaced repetition favors my view. I’ll do 18 poms daily on a consistent basis, starting from the time I finish taking a nap. Make sure you don’t let your schedule pace out.


Reading the notes twice and completing the important stuff will be followed by keenly reading and memorizing other stuff from my text book which has been assigned.


To prepare yourself before the lecture, first read the U.H.S. syllabus, which is an added advantage due to its question type nature, and then read all the stuff that you need to know about the related topics. Highlight the stuff that you are not sure about.


After lecture, read the notes and then read the book. Solve the assigned exercises and questions. After this, when you create flashcards related to the important numerical values, M.C.Q.s and important things, remember that it must not take much time you must already have decided that stuff to put in there. After it you should start revising your ankicards. This should be repeated in a cycle for every subject you do.

  • RELAXATION (High Density Fun)

Now lets do a nifty maths. We have 24 hours out of which 7 hours will go to sleeping. 5 hours for the academy and 1.5 hour for the travel. It makes 13.5 hours. Now add 8 hours to it and you get 21.5 hours. Now you have like 2.5 hours for breakfast, shower, snacks, and shit (Yes.literally!). You can squeeze in an hour of H.D.F. which might be playing a video game or watching an episode of a T.V. series. But it totally depends on you, if you’re fine with it. I, personally, can’t run such stuff simultaneously, I’d either study hard or not at all so I’ll skip this part. My reward can be mango milkshake or something of the like.


Now you might fall into trouble here. Listen, you come back from academy and get started on Biology. You do its entire session for like 5 poms where one pom should go for both the creation and practice of flashcards. It gives you 2 hours of study for each subject followed by one pom for English. Start doing 10 words each day and make flashcards out of them and practice them within this pom. And listen carefully, buddy, you can always increase or decrease time depending upon the work load of the particular subject.


  • Wake up at 7 and sit on the fucking table and chair by 7:30 and study till 10:00. You get 5 poms done! It might be physics or English or whatever you have planned.
  • Start academy at 12- 5 pm and you’ll be home by 5:30 . Now you might start studying by 6:00 and must be done by 10:30 ideally or by 11:00. Now you have an entire hour to fuck with T.V. series or anime or a game. THAT’S YOUR REWARD FOR 16 POMS OF WORK. 

UPDATES (I will keep updating this article)

June 8- 2017

As of now, I am struggling with studying and managing time as well as focus but this must not be taken as the failure of my methodology but as a slackness on my part. But remember that, I will get one of the top 10 positions of M.D.C.A.T. or secure admission is A.K.U. following the same strategy.  I have blocked Facebook on my laptop using host files and that is only the first step. I have a lot of pending stuff and very little time so I’ll enlist the changes I am bringing.

  1. Try to sit isolated from all of my friends and the circle as to avoid chit chats and basic guy talks.
  2. Try to review ankicards regularly during the van at least on my way to academy.
  3. Keep my desk clean and simple because a tidy desk is intimidating.

Now, I am officially a part of THE MEDICAL COLLEGE CHALLENGE or TMCC and I’ll try my best for this. No more time wasting and bad management. Let’s start.


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