Mind Dump!

Okay Let’s be honest here, everyone has some crazy ideas that could either change the market or the way we interact the world. My mind has been bogged down by the creed of this like too but at a much crucial state i.e. near my exams. Yeah, Not the perfect time to think of creating an YouTube channel, eh? I guess it started with motivation videos and ultimately Forbes 400 and this unquenchable passion for money which isn’t bad, i suppose. And if my mind serves me right, I think last year in the middle of my exams I was obsessed not with success but gaming! PlayStation and new Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. This time its business and ideas such as creating the first largest private network of hospitals in Pakistan. It is much closer to my profession than thinking of creating a business statistics website, and yeah I’ve been there too (Couple of days ago). Whether these ideas are a result of my procrastination and delaying my exam preparation or the actual obsession with entrepreneurship I know one thing. It is really infectious for my future career and education. I mean look, my parents have been “investing money” on me as well as their time. And I have been studying all of my life and If I can’t make it out through these annuals I guess Its like inviting an eternal liability and financial dependence on my parents.

One thing that I should realize is that I’ll retain this “creative” brain of mine and ideas until at least 35 and that will be the age when I’ll be able to actually do something rather than just fiddle around on YouTube and daydreaming about being a millionaire . And who knows how successful will I really become but simplifying it; Right now, At this moment I’d rather invest myself and my abilities in education rather than ideas that are virtually worthless unless executed properly and that execution requires experience, knowledge, maturity and dedication which I really lack at the moment. So, while not provoking those ideas let them be where they are and focus on something that is concrete and tested. Education. You can be entrepreneur whenever you like. But education is something you can’t acquire.

So I need to start that lunacy. Right now, I have all what it needs to succeed to be honest. Like 1 week is all one needs to focus on important things and get oneself ready for exams. If I am smart enough to think and execute world changing ideas whether it by through my grit or creativity or EQ or IQ; One thing that really matters is how well can I handle myself in last few days to glory. Wish me Good Luck! Thanks for reading it 🙂


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