Life. I am making you worth it.

How many of us wake up everyday with no passion? Working on instincts and prone to mood swings. Wasting the only life we have. The only moment we have been Left with. Sure must have stuff to do. The stuff you dream to Acheive one day. But have you ever asked yourself that how can you hope to Acheive your dreams if you are putting nothing to advance your silly desires. Without any action or plan to put your work to good use, you are wasting your time. Just spilling your blood over meaningless games, tv shows, Having nothing to accomplish. You may want to be someone better than you are. How can you make that happen? ONLY ACTION CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Some of you may dream to earn money. But NONE of the rich have ever said that they wanted money. They worked because they LOVED it. That’s where there passion lies and that thing made made them filthy rich.

Paul and I, we never thought that we would make much money out of the thing. We just loved writing software.

Bill Gates

So before you think of finding ways to earn money, think about the thing you love the most. Something you want to become no matter what. ( No. Not “millionaire” Jerk) and that’s how it will all start. And Money is important but it isn’t everything. Too much money blinds us. Too less? Kills us. We must be willing to persue our dreams and passion rather than money (And have no Birds in hand at all). So from today, I am going to take cold showers. Well, I don’t have cold water in summers, but I will compensate by running hard. This concept has been taken from Joel Runyon. We must be willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to really live our lives. We have no other purpose or destiny to fulfill rather than fulfilling our dreams and ambitions. Push yourself harder and harder until there is nothing of you left. Couch potatoes like me, don’t actually live, we are just consumers of various companies. Loyal people, degrading ourselves and our purposes. Remember that you must live before you die. And I am going to make that happen. After this article I am going to write my impossible list.


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