My Impossible List

Life is all about getting and achieving whatever you want. Winning at things you thought were impossible. Most of us have not actually achieved something remarkable or impossible, because we never dreamt that we could do it.

We are who we believe we are.We all have some ambitions and things we want to Achieve.  Things we can only dream about. Things we think only happen in movies, tv shows and media. Something a commoner like us can’t achieve. It’s even more frustrating that you won’t even get this stuff your entire life. When I was young, I dreamt a lot for stuff I wished to have. Wished to achieve. But I had a fear dwelling inside of me. A fear that still exists and keeps on growing as I become “older” and experienced.


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It’s within each one of us to dream, strive and achieve what was meant to be ours. It isn’t the question whether we can fly, it’s are we willing to fly?

You don’t want to end up in your deathbed and looking back at the things you couldn’t do. Life is meant to live as you only live once in sextillions years. You will only have this moment in sextillion years. You were dead and will be dead. You got these few decades in sextillion years. How are you going to live them? Crying over what you couldn’t accomplish but could have. Well, you still can. Make an impossible list. It should have all the things you wish to have. Things that you might think are impossible, might not be impossible. LET’S CHALLENGE OURSELVES TO GLORY.



  • I WILL Complete FSC (Intermediate or Grade 11&12 in Pakistan) with 1000+ Marks (Out of 1100)
  • I WILL Make it to top 5 in second year
  • I WILL Complete MCAT with 1000+ Marks (out of 1100)
  • I WILL Make it to King Edward Medical College or Allama Iqbal Medical College and Complete 5 years of M.B.B.S. (Equivalent to M.D.)without failing.
  • Optionals;
  • I WILL Complete USMLE steps.
  • I WILL Complete my specialization and residency in U.S.
  • I WILL Check my first patient and address to his/her problems.
  • I WILL complete my first surgery
  • I WILL Make a difference in someone’s life
  • I WILL serve the poor free of cost in Pakistan.


  • I WILL Write a novel under 500 pages and get it published
  • I WILL Write a nonfiction book
  • I WILL Write a novella series
  • I WILL Become a New York bestselling Author
  • I WILL Compose and publish a Poem book


  • I WILL Learn to play guitar
  • I WILL Learn to DJ
  • I WILL Become a part of a band
  • I WILL Release my first single in Urdu
  • I WILL Release an Album
  • Optional;
  • I WILL become a famous singer
  • I WILL do my first concert
  • I WILL sign my first autograph



  • I WILL Make a sandwitch
  • I WILL Get close to other employees.
  • I WILL Also gain 5 kg weight eating from there



  • I WILL help them complete their School
  • I WILL Help them complete College
  • I WILL Help them complete university
  • I WILL Attend their wedding day


  • I WILL Hire your first employee
  • I WILL Construct the best hospital
  • I WILL Hire best doctor panel
  • I WILL Hire a lot of nurses
  • I WILL Arrange Doctors and nurses workshops
  • I WILL Hire a finance manager for the hospital
  • I WILL equip it with latest technology
  • I WILL Have special rates for poor
  • I WILL Do my first free surgery
  • I WILL Complete 100 free surgeries every year


  • I WILL Buy my mother a diamond ring
  • I WILL Buy my father a car
  • I WILL Hire a driver for them
  • I WILL Gift them something every month
  • I WILL Take them for dinner once a month
  • I WILL Drive Lahore with my mother and do shopping. I pay.


  • I WILL Tell them that I am successful because of them.
  • I WILL Thank teacher Huma from KG as well.
  • I WILL Invite each one of them(those I remember ) to a ceremony.


  • I WILL have my first date (I don’t care if it’s an arranged blind date)
  • I WILL only marry someone intellectual, rational and the one who loves philosophy.

THINGS I WILL OWN (Buy myself ) 

  • I WILL buy a MacBook
  • I WILL make a gaming rig
  • I WILL buy a PS4 or PS4.5 or PS5
  • I WILL buy a latest iPhone
  • I WILL make a gaming room
  • I WILL buy Apple Watch
  • I WILL buy an iPad
  • I WILL buy a Music surround system
  • I WILL buy Microsoft Hololense or Oculus Rift and play VR 4K Games.
  • I WILL own a German Shephard
  • I WILL own a Persian Cat
  • I WILL own a RADO watch
  • I WILL own a Toyota Land Cruiser
  • I WILL own a pair of Nike runners
  • I WILL own a Nike tracksuit.
  • I WILL own beats earphones


  • I WILL be certified scuba diver and I will scuba dive/Snorkel at Great Barrier Reef
  • I WILL Bungee jump
  • I WILL sky Dive
  • I WILL travel in a helicopter
  • I WILL Para-glide (DONE 😀!!!)
  • I WILL swim in each of the oceans (Well. Thai Gulf done!!!)
  • I WILL have a road trip
  • I WILL get lost once
  • I WILL sleep without roof under the skies
  • I WILL visit Antarctica
  • I WILL have a Cruise Dinner (DONE KABOOM😀)
  • I WILL drink wine. Because why not?
  • I WILL eat every cheese type.
  • I WILL READ 100+ Books
  • I WILL touch tigers
  • I WILL have a Bonfire. And will camp for in a jungle
  • I WILL take a bath in a natural waterfall in wilderness.
  • I WILL take a bath in natural hot geyser in Japan.
  • I WILL have a WILD party. Drugs and chill
  • I WILL attend a concert
  • I WILL enter and drink at a Bar. (I drank water from a bar If that counts 😅)
  • I WILL hangout with some American Friends
  • I WILL make some American friends
  • I WILL crash out after being drunk
  • I WILL get stoned
  • I WILL have a sleepover.
  • I WILL win all you can eat contest.
  • I WILL eat at an expensive hotel
  • I WILL cry all night with a friend
  • I WILL have a girlfriend
  • I WILL learn to SURF
  • I WILL learn to do KNIFE throwing
  • I WILL learn Archery.
  • I WILL Learn sword fighting. Or Sparring.
  • I WILL drive a helicopter
  • I WILL see northern lights
  • I WILL experience the thrill of river rafting boat.
  • I will keep adding in stuff 😉


  • I WILL travel To JAPAN.
  • And participate in a Cosplay.
  • Eat Ramen.
  • Eat sushi. . (SUSHI DONE!!!!)
  • I WILL travel to Thailand and meet people there. Enjoy their cuisine and ambience. See different sites in Bangkok.Their temples and infamous islands. (DONE 🌿🍙🍹!!!!!)
  • I WILL travel to US and become a part of this American Side of me.
  • I will acquire a double citizenship of US.
  • I will travel to to Maldives before it sinks. And watch it’s sapphire sea and sandy small beaches.
  • i will travel to Venice.
  • I will travel to Europe and see all the important Landmarks especially, Eifel tower.
  • I will live in some European village for a week.
  • I will travel to Italy and experience it’s night life.
  • i will travel to Antartica on an expedition
  • I will sail across the sea on a long journey.
  • I will travel to Africa and it’s rainforests as well as Savanna.
  • I will travel to Australia and see its rich biodiversity.
  • I will travel to Northern Areas of Pakistan. ExperiencE Pakistan at its finest. and HUNT.
  • Visit AANSU JHEEL.


  • I WILL lose 5KG weight.
  • I will eat healthy, I.e. No oil or sugar or white rice or white bread for a WEEK.
  • I will have my morning walk ritual before sun sets out completely for a WEEK.
  • I will run for 10 minutes without stopping. ( 1:04 as for now 🏃 )
  • I will start building my body. Six abs? Impossible? I think not.
  • I will start meditation for 3 minutes for a week.

This post is meant to be edited over the course of time. As I Complete these things which I thought were impossible once. And adding new ideas and things that inspire me. All of this will make me a better man. Wish me Good luck 😬😬😁

Life. I am making you worth it.

How many of us wake up everyday with no passion? Working on instincts and prone to mood swings. Wasting the only life we have. The only moment we have been Left with. Sure must have stuff to do. The stuff you dream to Acheive one day. But have you ever asked yourself that how can you hope to Acheive your dreams if you are putting nothing to advance your silly desires. Without any action or plan to put your work to good use, you are wasting your time. Just spilling your blood over meaningless games, tv shows, Having nothing to accomplish. You may want to be someone better than you are. How can you make that happen? ONLY ACTION CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Some of you may dream to earn money. But NONE of the rich have ever said that they wanted money. They worked because they LOVED it. That’s where there passion lies and that thing made made them filthy rich.

Paul and I, we never thought that we would make much money out of the thing. We just loved writing software.

Bill Gates

So before you think of finding ways to earn money, think about the thing you love the most. Something you want to become no matter what. ( No. Not “millionaire” Jerk) and that’s how it will all start. And Money is important but it isn’t everything. Too much money blinds us. Too less? Kills us. We must be willing to persue our dreams and passion rather than money (And have no Birds in hand at all). So from today, I am going to take cold showers. Well, I don’t have cold water in summers, but I will compensate by running hard. This concept has been taken from Joel Runyon. We must be willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to really live our lives. We have no other purpose or destiny to fulfill rather than fulfilling our dreams and ambitions. Push yourself harder and harder until there is nothing of you left. Couch potatoes like me, don’t actually live, we are just consumers of various companies. Loyal people, degrading ourselves and our purposes. Remember that you must live before you die. And I am going to make that happen. After this article I am going to write my impossible list.