A way to success

Sat there a man so desperate,

depressed, stressed,insane,defeated,

Pondered and pondered he ,over his fate,

Darkness in his mind had prevailed,

Was trapped in a cycle of procrastination- no escape gate,

A thought came by – through his mind it sailed,

One, two, three eat what’s on your plate,

Conquer the fear Let it be nailed, 

Dont let it stop you and enslave you-it will proliferate,

Procrastination is a thief of time-Let your mind be bailed,

It only leads up to a guilty mind and vicious state, 

Stop instantly when you in the sea see mermaid, 

You’ll be enticed and killed- Remember, Its just a bait,

Never ever shall you forget why were you made?

Acheive your ambitions before it is too late, 

Invest in your future-Present just will fade, 

Never ever shall you limit your life’s freight,

Just do it. Right now. Enough you’ve been upon played,

Stop victim mentality, Go take what you did create.


Okay. So that’s kinda my first serious poem. Apllause, applause Apllause ( Lyrics from Lady Gagas song). Well. I want to go to K.E. Or AIMC now. K.E. Is a new entry. But I know that I can make it. I just don’t know how to study study and study. I have been through that stage but not anymore. I have kinda stopped using Facebook. But still, I do get distracted. I think from now onwards I will keep on studying whatever the circumstances are. I do will take breaks though, which I now think that they are necessary only if you don’t end up in a procrastination loop. I think I should just stop thinking and start studying. Yes. It’s easy though, all you have to do is sit in an air conditioned room. Study and dream. Awesome couple though that is they reinvigorate each other. It’s 2 already and I think I should become more of a morning person as after midnight Procrastination ( From sleeping ) becomes strong. And during day one can study more I guess. Whatever. At least I started studying. Yes, yes I found that intrinsic motivation that is driving me to study. That is MEDICAL COLLEGE. Man, is it my dream? Well not exactly but YES. I have already begun and it will end up even greater . I promise. LOL.




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