Disconnect from the “Unnecessary Distractions”

Sometimes in life. We are enticed by different things. And we unconsciously make them a part of us. It can be anything a person, a hobby, an occupation, a job, a website, a social media platform and so on. In that predicament, we kind of become dependent on this stuff and it becomes a part of us. A part of our personality. Something that defines us. Slowly and Gradually, we start getting bored from either the consistency of lifestyle or by over-expectation. This boredom depends upon that entity that has lost its value to you now but it was enticing initially ( It impelled you to add that thing in your life).Usually it happens when you encounter something or someone and associate high expectations for it, whether it be a source of happiness or rather just companionship, for man is thirsty for compassion and friendship. For example, you meet a particular person. You direly want him/her as your friend.You are in love with his/her humor, personality,way of conversation or whatever it be. But as time flies, you start to feel, that this particular person rather than empowering you has starting to leech your life out.You used to seek him for he seemed a fun guy but now you are tired of him.The same face. Or it may be like, you find something about that person that you disdain. But you’ve already been depending on him. You think, that colleague has become an integral part of you, even though what he gives you, is boredom,Less contentment with your own life, Hostile comments. Depressing opinions, He stops you from growing. He is not what you asked for.Remember ,as i said earlier ,it can be anything, not necessarily a person. You can become addicted to a particular forum. Or a habit that makes you so dependent that you cant function without it.You start feeling insecure.Guilty habits they may be. Your lifestyle maybe. It may even lead to great stress and anxiety, hopelessness. You continue to depend on that thing as a source of your happiness. But it doesn’t turn out well, right? Its just like squeezing shampoo out of a container even after its finished. Addiction is horrendous thing. Annihilating symptoms.You keep sticking to that in a hope that the outcome will be as great as it was for the first time.

Do good because you are that good. Its in your nature. Don’t expect virtuosity to be treated with virtuosity. Do good, with least hope of getting something back in return.

I WANT A CHANGE. WE ALL DO. We all become, “Sick of the same old love.”

Everyone goes through that. No matter what form of distraction they encounter. I call it distraction due to the sole reason that it not only pull your leg down and also put obstacles in your way to success. Put you in an agonizing pain. Something that puts you in cycle of depression and misery.  Yeah, the same state that causes drug addiction, alcohol addiction and similar addictions. Filled with Regret, stress, addiction, pleasure, more regret and cycle goes on and on.

We cant limit everything, but we can limit our interactions and pull out the weed which destroys the beauty of our garden. Try this tip. Its quite helpful. Early stages will be common tolerance effects. If its a person, you will feel the urge to talk to him, ask him for help. It varies. I will close this article with one quote.

This is YOUR LIFE. Not mine. Not your parents. Not your gal’s. YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN and sole in-charge of the ship. Instead of handing over the control to instincts. TAKE THE BULL BY ITS HORNS. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Good luck homies.



All that furor and stress was related to these exams. And now they’ve passed. Life is stress-free now. How did they go? I’ll just say, let’s see. Not as great as my hopes were but still better than my worst nightmare. Biology and chemistry went “kinda” good. Physics sucked. Islamiat went dopes shit. English, well, ahem. Apart from minor blunders cool. Urdu not as great as I had prepared but still not very bad. Let’s hope for the best. Peace.