Does everything has to have a maker?

This question is really off the topic but demands to be discussed. We humans from our limited perception,knowledge,vision and restricted imagination of the world think that everything in this world is a result of something. Everything that occurs giving us a pageant of dramas in front of our eyes are cause of something. When a candle is lit it is lit through a lighter or a match and we are the ones carrying out this process. But have you ever thought otherwise? The other way, contrasting to our abilities and restrained knowledge? Does everything needs to happen like we are used perceive?

As a Muslim, I am well aware of my path and the conception of this world and my path on which i have to venture out has already been chalked out for me by me religion. I don’t have to think about creation, universe and life. I have been told that I should seek enlightenment and guidance from Quran,the source of knowledge,ethics and light glistening upon our paths of life. But  so far the creation is concerned, according to my religion ,in which I firmly believe ,by the way,everything in this universe was created by God and if the theory of big bang is correct , Allah or “Yahweh” caused it all. But the a mind boggling question arises , if that’s how this universe was created, who created God? My religion answers this question as well. Its says that God has no son or father or relative;is unique and peerless; Hence was not created. SO, yes there comes a point when we have to crop this creation thingy out of our mind that everything has to be created. Some things or actions are not created or caused by someone , they are like eternal from the indefinite beginning. “Beginning” itself has troubled concept, from our insight a discussed before, it is not obligatory for something to have a beginning and a start.

This fallacy was first discovered in Aquinas 5 proofs of Gods existence. If God isn’t made by anything and is from the beginning, why can’t universe exist from the beginning.

So talking about the origin. Not everything needs to have a start. Our confined thoughts are hardwired to think that there has to be origin of something. But its not true. Our thought stop at a certain limit beyond which we cease to think. Their lies a world beyond our imagination. Now only “science” can lead the “philosophy”.