Living life in my perspective

There are many types of life people live. Some people are chastened by the certainty of impending death, some live following the epicurean motto (eat, drink and be merry), some people live without giving it a thought, and Hellen Keller thinks that we should love our each day as if it was our last.

Those people who live subdued and gloomy life due to the certainty of imminent death, live life wrong way. They will be down for the most of their time and won’t be able to exploit their life for fun. Fun will be meaningless for them.

Those people who live without giving it a thought, though unwitting, someway live their life better than the above mentioned.

I have several objections with the Hellen Keller perspective. You can not live each day as if it was lost. It’s not practically possible. You won’t be reading this and I won’t be writing this. People won’t be giving each other any love and compassion, they will become selfish and all sorts of problems will emerge in the society and we will become narcissistic and self-centered.

I think the best way is to follow the epicurean motto, live each day with delectation and happiness without any regret. Be happy all the time and fully exploit your life. 😀 . Peace.


Happiness can never be achieved by immoral and corrupt means. You can never be happy if you destroyed someones life merely to make your life better. That guilt will kill you and will burn you from inside.

Society, My perspective

Society is just like a highway , from the time you are born till you die, you are bounded by that highway. It gives your life direction , ambition and a reason for living.It delineates our path of moving ahead . The life without society is meaningless , you wont be able to figure out the purpose of your life and determine your goals.

Money,My perspective

Time is money. When we work , we invest our time to a particular task and get some incentive in return . So think wisely before investing in something because you are investing your limited life not some printed paper.


If you betray someone , do not think that the person was a fool, rather think that he trusted you on that . You deceived yourself , you lost invaluable trust.

Some Notification

As nowadays , I am kinda motivated to write about philosophy , I am gonna change somethings around here a bit . Now this blog will be intended to cover vast philosophy subjects. Although I may post some other things as well , in the future . I think blog is something of , someones personal diary not a mere website . I hope you get this . If you have any problem , Kindly enlist it in the comments below 😀 . Peace.