Socializing before internet

I guess nowadays there is no teenager who does not have a twitter, Facebook,Instagram,tumblr e.t.c. account. These  social media have become so common that every teenager and even many kids spent almost hundreds of hour in one month socializing with their friends, cousins, relatives e.t.c. It has become an important and essential part of our lives. The internet has able us to connect and share to every other person in this vast world and most of younger generation would think that there was no socializing before the internet.
Ladies and gentlemen , adults and kids, and everyone else(even cats lol) the socializing was not dead before internet. According to me socializing was even more practical before these social media sites and this as whole, the internet. To socialize with each other people used to meet each other , spent time with each other rather then sitting on toilet and messaging each other. People were keen to meet each other and spent time with each other. In contrast nowadays we do not even like to meet each other we have been ruined from inside out. From outside we would be looking happy and peaceful to each other but who knows what we actually are from inside. We are just like a beautiful tree bearing a lot of fruits which is burning from inside. This whole scenario has caused us to possess dual personalities one which is actual and is real while the other that we are used to pretend to

I have many different sides; I can be the life and soul of the party – or a wallflower

Naomie Harris

So yes internet is a revolution instead of having one personality now we have two personalities (yipeeee) that’s all internet has given to us.
And now we are bound to succeed ( hey this paragraph is ironic :D)


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