Our Lifestyle in contrast to poor

So just start remembering what happened today? How did you passed your day? How do you spend everyday? Let me tell about myself. On weekends I usually wake up at 10 AM and then go to bathroom and just FRESH-UP myself. I then go to the kitchen and have a breakfast, made up by Cook. Then i am up for some web surfing, watching movies and other stuff. That is most of my sedentary lifestyle and then when i have wasted MOST of my time , I will have a grand lunch and then will sleep for nap. I will wake up at evening and will do some school studies and it will be 9 already. I will then crave for a movie and i will watch it. And don’t forget that hefty dinner.So after everything that follows it, i will sleep @12. So that was pretty much of my day. I will wake up the following day with a alarm.

Now in contrast to that , consider a poor man. He will wake up at @5 with the sunlight , his natural alarm, take his breakfast  consisting of  and then soon he will be going to his job whatever it is as soon as possible. Lets consider his job as a farmer in Africa. He will be ploughing the land in sub 50 degree Centigrade of temperature under the hot tropical sun. His wife and his children will be helping him instead of acquiring education. This way he will earn some pennies and dimes with which he can buy the food he can eat and survive like a animal.They will not get clean water supply as well.

Here is a pic of an African Farmer;

I will just explain difference in just one aspect of our life with them. We sleep on soft mattresses with soft pillows underneath our neck in artificially regulated temperature in room and also with no bugs,insects, e.t.c. On the other hand most of them will sleep outside exposed to dangerous animals and insects. It will be too cold outside but they have no choice. They will be sleeping in harsh conditions , no pillow no mattress. The misery is unimaginable.

We have all proper facilities available such as clean water, drainage system, health facilities e.t.c. while most of them lack it.


We can not leave them like this, they are human, they are just like us, same mind,body e.t.c. We should help them. There are many organizations dedicated to serve the purpose of helping them and so we can help them by funding this organization. I hope you understand the message in this article. PEACE.


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