Have you ever heard silence?

Most of you would be wondering what a strange heading i have chosen and soon you will think what does that mean?Right. It was strange for me to hear it as well but believe me or not! Its interesting. To hear this so called “SILENCE” you would need to go to a very lonely place where you can hear nothing except yourself and only see under the influence of moon light.

Yeah it may have felt weird to you but I literally mean it. You can go to countryside or anywhere else where there is no man interference to be seen and you are alone. NO SOUND , ONLY NATURE. Although unfortunately, nowadays this PLACE is kinda nowhere to be seen šŸ˜¦ but still if your heart is alive and is needy and desperate for silence , its not far away.

So let me tell you my experience. I went to country side at night. I could here nothing but the sound of wind coming from the east. I could see nothing except the trees dancing with the gust of wind. As the wind slowed down, I closed my eyes and could see nothing and soon hear nothing. That is when I heard this “SILENCE” Ā . There was such a strange feeling going through my heart which made me feel FREE and lifeless. And when I slowly opened my eyes while I was lying on the green bed of grass What i saw was zillions of stars blinking and I was struck in a strange feeling of emptiness. WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? WHAT AM I GONNA DO IN THIS WORLD?……………………..

Believe me that time I was alone with no one except myself. THAT FEELING WAS MATCH-LESS. You would be thinking that you have wasted a lot of time reading all this, but hey, just listen to this “SILENCE” which is actually YOU! And believe me you will feel better than ever.


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