Our Lifestyle in contrast to poor

So just start remembering what happened today? How did you passed your day? How do you spend everyday? Let me tell about myself. On weekends I usually wake up at 10 AM and then go to bathroom and just FRESH-UP myself. I then go to the kitchen and have a breakfast, made up by Cook. Then i am up for some web surfing, watching movies and other stuff. That is most of my sedentary lifestyle and then when i have wasted MOST of my time , I will have a grand lunch and then will sleep for nap. I will wake up at evening and will do some school studies and it will be 9 already. I will then crave for a movie and i will watch it. And don’t forget that hefty dinner.So after everything that follows it, i will sleep @12. So that was pretty much of my day. I will wake up the following day with a alarm.

Now in contrast to that , consider a poor man. He will wake up at @5 with the sunlight , his natural alarm, take his breakfast  consisting of  and then soon he will be going to his job whatever it is as soon as possible. Lets consider his job as a farmer in Africa. He will be ploughing the land in sub 50 degree Centigrade of temperature under the hot tropical sun. His wife and his children will be helping him instead of acquiring education. This way he will earn some pennies and dimes with which he can buy the food he can eat and survive like a animal.They will not get clean water supply as well.

Here is a pic of an African Farmer;

I will just explain difference in just one aspect of our life with them. We sleep on soft mattresses with soft pillows underneath our neck in artificially regulated temperature in room and also with no bugs,insects, e.t.c. On the other hand most of them will sleep outside exposed to dangerous animals and insects. It will be too cold outside but they have no choice. They will be sleeping in harsh conditions , no pillow no mattress. The misery is unimaginable.

We have all proper facilities available such as clean water, drainage system, health facilities e.t.c. while most of them lack it.


We can not leave them like this, they are human, they are just like us, same mind,body e.t.c. We should help them. There are many organizations dedicated to serve the purpose of helping them and so we can help them by funding this organization. I hope you understand the message in this article. PEACE.

Socializing before internet

I guess nowadays there is no teenager who does not have a twitter, Facebook,Instagram,tumblr e.t.c. account. These  social media have become so common that every teenager and even many kids spent almost hundreds of hour in one month socializing with their friends, cousins, relatives e.t.c. It has become an important and essential part of our lives. The internet has able us to connect and share to every other person in this vast world and most of younger generation would think that there was no socializing before the internet.
Ladies and gentlemen , adults and kids, and everyone else(even cats lol) the socializing was not dead before internet. According to me socializing was even more practical before these social media sites and this as whole, the internet. To socialize with each other people used to meet each other , spent time with each other rather then sitting on toilet and messaging each other. People were keen to meet each other and spent time with each other. In contrast nowadays we do not even like to meet each other we have been ruined from inside out. From outside we would be looking happy and peaceful to each other but who knows what we actually are from inside. We are just like a beautiful tree bearing a lot of fruits which is burning from inside. This whole scenario has caused us to possess dual personalities one which is actual and is real while the other that we are used to pretend to

I have many different sides; I can be the life and soul of the party – or a wallflower

Naomie Harris

So yes internet is a revolution instead of having one personality now we have two personalities (yipeeee) that’s all internet has given to us.
And now we are bound to succeed ( hey this paragraph is ironic :D)

Have you ever heard silence?

Most of you would be wondering what a strange heading i have chosen and soon you will think what does that mean?Right. It was strange for me to hear it as well but believe me or not! Its interesting. To hear this so called “SILENCE” you would need to go to a very lonely place where you can hear nothing except yourself and only see under the influence of moon light.

Yeah it may have felt weird to you but I literally mean it. You can go to countryside or anywhere else where there is no man interference to be seen and you are alone. NO SOUND , ONLY NATURE. Although unfortunately, nowadays this PLACE is kinda nowhere to be seen 😦 but still if your heart is alive and is needy and desperate for silence , its not far away.

So let me tell you my experience. I went to country side at night. I could here nothing but the sound of wind coming from the east. I could see nothing except the trees dancing with the gust of wind. As the wind slowed down, I closed my eyes and could see nothing and soon hear nothing. That is when I heard this “SILENCE”  . There was such a strange feeling going through my heart which made me feel FREE and lifeless. And when I slowly opened my eyes while I was lying on the green bed of grass What i saw was zillions of stars blinking and I was struck in a strange feeling of emptiness. WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? WHAT AM I GONNA DO IN THIS WORLD?……………………..

Believe me that time I was alone with no one except myself. THAT FEELING WAS MATCH-LESS. You would be thinking that you have wasted a lot of time reading all this, but hey, just listen to this “SILENCE” which is actually YOU! And believe me you will feel better than ever.

Is IPhone(IOS) right for you or Android?

Of course ,we are living in this new era in which technology has been embedded in our lives. It was 2007 when first smart phone , the original IPhone, was released and from then it has became a necessity rather than luxury . Whether you are new to smartphones or you are a PRE-EXISTING SMARTPHONE USER I hope this article will help you

So you have thought a lot and considering iPhone or Android phone for your next smartphone but you you are confused that which one should you buy? Well we can help you in this issue, we will be giving brief information about each of OS and you will be deciding , which one of it meets your requirement.

Three OS HEAD TO HEAD. At left is IOS , in middle is windows and at right is android.
Three OS HEAD TO HEAD. At left is IOS , in middle is windows and at right is android.

Source: Picture taken from maximumpc.com


Android is most common and a very comprehensive OS (released in 2008)with a lot of features and functions . It has largest market share in smartphone category and is still growing.

It’s more difficult to use than IOS but you can become used to it. It’s also highly customizable from widgets to everything . But its not as robust as IOS 7 but still doesn’t lags. Due to many android devices, apps can not be optimized but powerful phones can handle them brilliantly. Unlike apple there are thousands of android phones from hundreds of manufacturers that you can purchase ,they can range from approximately $200 to $600 And can range in screen size from 3 inches to more than 6 inches. Android is way to go for geeks, programmers and developers. Android is always keen to give more and more customizability and control to the user.


Latest android kitkat.
Latest android kitkat.

Source: Google images

Why IOS?

IOS is considered the first touch screen smartphone OS released in 2007 by Apple for iPhone under the Apple CEO Steve Jobs. It is the second most common smartphone OS.

IOS doesn’t have many options and has limited functionality and is good for those who are not quite nerdy and like simple and easy to use OS. But what I like about this OS is its responsiveness and fast robust switching and opening of apps. All of IOS apps have been brilliantly optimized due to limited IOS devices available.One more important thing is screen size, iPhone 5 and 5s have 4 inch screen size. It’s not so customizable. Apple releases only one flagship mobile each year and it’s OS is brilliantly optimized for its hardware because it has a specific amount of ram, processor e.t.c. So Apple can program it’s OS in such a way that it efficiently benefits from the hardware meaning that midrange iPhone specification can match or in some cases out perform high end specification of android. IOS is a great and flawless and crashed much less frequently than android. It’s also more frequently updated by Apple to solve any problem that arise than android which depends upon its manufacturer as well as Google.


Source: Google images

Major smartphone shipments by OS

Malware, spyware, hacking and loop holes

One major problem arises in android due to its open source nature is loop holes so it’s more vulnerable to malware , spyware and hacking . Apple is less vulnerable to these problems due to its closed source. So IOS is generally more safer option. It doesn’t mean that android is not safe, but comparatively it’s more prone to them.


Personally, I like both. According to me iPhone or IOS is sleek , robust and very simple OS (it just works ;p)While on the other hand android is a complex, comprehensive and powerful OS which can do much more than IOS.So it’s abstruse to fight over them because it’s not worth it. Its funny to see all people fighting upon android and IOS.The fact is that all OS are great in their functionality , usability and user friendliness but what actually matters is how you want to use it?, what do you expect from it? What do you want to do with it? . Anyways do let me know I case I forgot something . Peace. 🙂